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Are you looking for a temporary job? A regular job?  A supplemental job?   A fresh start?

We provide opportunities for various positions including:  Accounting, Administrative, Customer Service, Data Entry, IT, Marketing, Medical Front Office, Receptionists, Sales, and other professional positions.

How can we help you?

Santa Cruz Staffing works with some of the top companies in Santa Cruz County.   These companies ask us to assist them in recruiting for their open positions.  They value our experience and judgement.  They trust us to find the top candidates for their positions.  Be one of three resumes submitted by us instead of one of 300 resumes submitted to a website.

This gives you the visibility needed to obtain the interview and possible position.

Our Services

When you submit your resume we review your information to ensure that your background and skills are in alignment with the types of positions that we staff for.  We will then call you to review what you are looking for and determine if we can be a good resource for you.

Interviewing with us is more than your typical interview.  We want to know what YOU want to do.  What kind of industry do you want to work in?  What kind of culture?  Size of company?  We know that the more closely our positions match with your desired criteria the better fit you will be for our client and the happier you will be in the job opportunity obtained through Santa Cruz Staffing.

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